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The Living Flame Available Again

The popular Living Flame Program last held more than a decade ago in the Daytona Beach area will be available again via Zoom to folks in Central and East Florida.  Living Flame is celebrating its 30th anniversary in 2023 and in those years it has morphed into an international resource for practitioners of Centering Prayer.

The Living Flame Program is a seven-day offering of in-depth spiritual study and enrichment presented over seven months by commissioned presenters of Contemplative Outreach, Ltd. It is designed to heighten the awareness of the dynamics of Centering Prayer in the context of the spiritual journey. Participation in this program is for the entire series that will include seven topics supporting the practice of Centering Prayer.

Topics for the seven sessions include:  
Deepening Our Centering Prayer Practice; Lectio Divina; Soul Friending; The Human Condition; Divine Therapy; The Dark Night of Sense; The Welcoming Prayer

Each session is presented on Zoom in a five-hour retreat-like format. The Living Flame 1 session includes:  two periods of Centering Prayer, two presentation periods and small group sharing, as well as breaks and mealtime.

An established Centering Prayer practice and familiarity with the books of Thomas Keating, particularly Open Mind, Open Heart will allow full participation in the Living Flame program.

Dates:   2024: Jan. 6, Feb. 3, Mar. 2, Apr. 6
Time:  11:00 AM – 4:00 PM EST (-5 UTC)      

Fee:   $60 USD.   Scholarships are available.

Click here to register. Fee is due with registration.
Number of participants will be limited.

Email Judy Sharer [email protected] or phone +1-270-304-7684
You can read more about the program here in this brochure

Andy Rawls of the Contemplative Outreach of Central Florida produced a five minute video about The Living Flame, hosted by our own Rickey Cotton.