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For more information, please contact one of our Coordinators or a member of our Service Teams. You may use the email addresses below or the contact form which goes to our webmaster.


Dan Wagner,,  814-566-2288

Jesse Fox,, 386-822-7132

Service Teams:

Introduction to Centering Prayer Workshops : Liz Lefevre

Communications: Susan McBride, Alice Logan, Andy Rawls

Facilitator Formation :

Facilitator Training: Suze Arneson

Finance: Dan Wagner, Alice Logan, Jesse Fox

Scholarship Team: Jesse Fox, Alice Logan


Servant Leadership Team:

Veronique Sallin,, 352-267-2851 print publicity, newsletter

Andy Rawls,, 502-338-8024   web & video

Dan Wagner,,   814-566-2288,  Co-Coordinator

Jesse Fox,,  386-822-7132, treasurer

Alice Logan,, mailing list, event registrar

Susan McBride,, COCFL Newsletter Editor

Suze Arneson,, Facilitator Training

Beth Murphy, , events

Liz LeFevre, , Introductory Workshops

Webmaster, Webmaster


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