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Meditation Chapel Available

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Getting Started

Getting started with online meditation is easy, and it can be done on most devices that have a camera and a microphone. This includes smart phones, tablets, and PCs. Here are the steps you will follow:

  1. Read the site rules and be sure you agree with them.
  2. Register as a chapel user. This allows us to contact you with important news about the site. In addition, if we ever need to password-protect this site, we will use this list to let people know any necessary passwords. We never rent our or share your email. Once you register, you will be sent a link to our Welcome Page. This page contains important information you will need to participate in our groups, so be sure to bookmark this page or keep the email with the link.
  3. You may find it useful to view our video Introduction to Meditation Chapel.
  4. If you are using a smart phone or tablet, you need to install Zoom. You can find Zoom in your app store. If you are using a PC, Zoom will be installed into your browser the first time you enter a chapel. Zoom is the video conferencing system we use for our chapels.
  5. Use our online calendar to find a group meeting at an appropriate time for you. The calendar shows the group meeting times in your local time zone. You can click on a calendar listing to get more information such as the group leader, the type of group, restrictions (if any), and the language the group uses (if not English). The calendar also shows which chapel the group meets in. Make a note of the time and chapel for those groups you want to join.
  6. You will need to know the URL of the chapels your groups meet in. We do not publish these on the web site for security reasons. We will send a link to the Welcome Page when you register (see step 2.) This page includes the chapel URLs. You might want to bookmark these URLs to make them easy to store and access.
  7. A few minutes before the group meets, go  to the appropriate chapel URL and click “Enter the Chapel.” This will start up a Zoom session for your group. If this is the first time you have joined us and you are on a PC, it will also install Zoom in your browser. You may be asked to give permission for Zoom to be installed. If so, give permission.
  8. Most  groups follow  some variant of this format:
    – A few minutes before the groups meets, introductions and greetings.
    – A short reading
    – 20-25 minutes of silent meditation (Please mute your microphone during this time.)
    – A second reading or a period of Lectio Divina or a recording
    – Sacred sharing and sacred listening
    – All are welcome!
  9. When your group is finished, click the “Leave Meeting” button to leave the chapel.
  10. If you have any problems, let us know.

Most people find this a rewarding spiritual experience. You are welcome to participate in as many groups as you like. We hope to see you soon!

The photo of the sunrise is by Robert Lalor

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