November 2016 Retreat with Fr. Carl Arico

Putting On the Mind of Christ
with Fr. Carl Arico
November 6-8, 2016
Canterbury Retreat Center, Oviedo, FL

Father Carl Arico:

Fr. Carl Arico is a founding member of Contemplative Outreach and is active on the Gift and Special Project committees. He is honored to have known Fr. Keating since 1969 and was present for the first intensive Centering Prayer retreat that Fr. Keating offered at the Lama Foundation in San Cristobal, New Mexico in 1983, which many founding members of Contemplative Outreach attended. Fr. Arico has been an integral part of the development of Contemplative Outreach from a wish to the organism it is today. “The growth that has taken place in Contemplative Outreach,” he observes, “is a miracle of God’s grace and the power of prayer.” He has traveled extensively in the United States and internationally to present workshops and direct retreats. He is the author of the book A Taste Of Silence, a guide to the fundamentals of Centering Prayer and is well known to the contemplative community for the Q&A with Fr. Carl Arico that we all enjoy reading in Contemplative Outreach e-bulletins.

An Invitation from Father Carl

“The retreat is the fruit of a 10 day intensive retreat which I served in 2015. The scriptures of the Mass seemed to explode into deeper meaning than I had expected. The Spirit was speaking through me as I preached each homily. When the retreat was over, I became aware that the Holy Spirit had revealed marvelous pieces of a mosaic that revealed what, ‘Putting on the mind of Christ’ was all about in a contemporary setting. Since then I have pondered these passages, lived by them and watched them let me see with new eyes. It is my desire to share them in the embrace of a silent retreat with women and men who are open to consenting to God’s presence and action in their lives.”

This retreat is for anyone who is open to the gift of silence and Centering Prayer.

Full audio recordings of this retreat are available below.  With Fr. Carl’s blessing, the video of the retreat has been divided into approximately 15 minute segments suitable for use with on-line Zoom Centering Prayer groups during the pandemic.  These videos are posted on YouTube and accessible with this playlist in the box below.  There are a total of 21 session in the video version but you can listen to the audio as they were recorded without breaks every 15 minutes.  Only references to breaks and in-house issues have been edited out of the video. Attempts have been made to break the sessions at logical transitions.


Audio Only Recordings, complete

Session 1: Friday Evening


Session 2:  Saturday Morning 9:00 a.m.


Session 3:  Saturday 11:00 a.m.


Session 4: Saturday 2:00 p.m.


Session 5: Saturday Evening


Session 6: Sunday