Four Levels of Listening & Soulfriending Workshop with Susan Komis

Contemplative Outreach of Central Florida Pre-Lent Event Recordings

Susan Komis


Four Levels of Listening and Soulfriending

February 11, 2017 (8:30 a.m. -3:00 p.m.)
St George Episcopal Church
1250 Paige Place, The Villages, FL 32159

Cost: $35.00
Please bring a bag lunch

Four Levels of Listening

We all desire to become better Listeners.  Listening to others at a deep level often feels like hard work!  This presentation will explore our cultural disposition toward the art of Listening and the levels of listening that we engage in on a daily basis.;  what we hear is what we receive… or what we miss!  How do we develop a better capacity to truly listen? How can we be fully present as we are engaged in a listening process?  Is it possible to learn to truly listen with heart and soul in the sanctuary of human presence? Our ability to listen is one of the most important qualities of contemplative service and exemplifies the mystery of transmission of one to the other.


Soul Friending

Soul friending is a term used to describe the level of spiritual intimacy we want to foster in our Centering Prayer group.   It was Fr. Thomas Keating’s hope and expectation that the relationship of a Centering Prayer group would gradually deepen to a level where soul friending was taking place within the group experience. In the Soul Friending presentation, we will discuss the essence of Soul Friending in groups, the role of the facilitator and group members in nurturing Soul Friending in the Centering Prayer group.

01 Listening


02 Listening


03 Soul Friending







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