28th Annual Day of Prayer – Save the Date March 21, 2020

Event details

  • Saturday | March 21, 2020
  • All Day
  • Locations to be posted here. Contact coordinators Dan Wagner dwagner119@gmail.com or Jesse Fox jfox2@stetson.edu
  • our coordinators Dan Wagner or Jesse FoxStaff members

Every year Contemplative Outreach sponsors an Annual Day of Prayer nationwide.  Prayer groups are invited to sponsor the event in your area and invite surrounding prayer groups.  We will have a listing here of participating groups,  Please contact our coordinators Dan Wagner dwagner119@gmail.com  or Jesse Fox jfox2@stetson.edu and let them know of your participations so it can be publicized.

The theme for this year is:
There is neither Jew nor Gentile,
neither slave nor free,
nor is there male and female,
for you are all one in Christ Jesus.
– Galatians 3:28 (NIV)

The day and 24-hour prayer vigil will be devoted to whole-making in ourselves, our relationships and our world.

Suggested video segment: “Christian Non-Duality and Unity Consciousness (18 min.)” from That We May Be One: Christian Non-Duality. The segment will be downloadable for those without internet at the time of showing. Or, people can always purchase the whole DVD.

Contemplative Outreach always provides a suggested schedule, which can be modified given amount of time available. Usually, it includes periods of Centering Prayer, Lectio Divina, a time for watching the video and a time for community reflection. The CO ltd website should be updated with further information and the suggested schedules by Feb 7th.


Celebrate this 28th annual worldwide day of prayer in three ways:

  1. Attend a local group retreat.  Check for event information in the chapter on COCFL.org.  Here is a sample schedule to assist planning for a group retreat. Download the suggested group schedule here.
  2. Organize your own in-home retreat.  Here is a sample schedule to assist planning for an individual retreat. Download the suggested individual schedule.
  3. A 24-hour, worldwide silent prayer vigil will be hosted on March 20-21. All are welcome to sign-up for 30-minute prayer periods, either as individuals or in groups. Please sign-up at the bottom of CO’s page here at this link. .  This was quite popular in our chapter had a large number of time slots which by my count, was, forgive me for saying so, the best participation in the country.

The suggested video segment is “Christian Non-Duality and Unity Consciousness (18 min.)” from That We May Be One: Christian Non-Duality available for $10 in the online store.  The segment is downloadable for those without internet at the time of showing. Or you may purchase the entire DVD package for $25 in the online store.