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Report on Global Conversation of CP Practitioners

Reported by Dan Wagner

I attended the yearly Global conversation of Centering Prayer practitioners Friday Jan
27th with the CO Ltd Chapter Support team: Marie Howard, Carol Quest, and Jean
Benfer. The goal was to see how the Holy Spirit was moving and working in the local
prayer groups.

It was a wonderful opportunity to meet with people from all around the world such as
Argentina, Ireland and all over the US to hear about their experiences with activities in
their group and general information on their meetings.

It was amazing to hear how people and their centering prayer groups had persevered
thru and after the pandemic. Skype and Zoom were wonderful tools that helped keep it
together. In our Central Florida chapter, five groups signed up to use the COCFL
chapter Zoom account at no cost. There are still openings for more users with training
provided. There were two groups that have gotten back together in person only, no
Zoom or hybrid. Many of our COCFL groups that are meeting are doing a hybrid
meeting. That same report was heard throughout the global conversation—groups
largely using Zoom/Skype because of its convenience and that the spiritual bond is

Rosana Villarreal wrote: “My best conclusion was that no matter how we all meet or
what material we cover in our CP meetings, the important thing is to remain quiet and
listen to God.”

I agree Rosana. Continue to consent to the action and presence of God in the quiet. Amen.
May God’s Peace and blessings be with you.

Dan Wagner
CO-coordinator of COCFL