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Fr. Meninger Tonight and Tomorrow at Flagler Beach

Here is a report I just received from Dan.  If you are nearby, you may want to attend tonight and tomorrow.

I decided to go to see Fr Meninger at mass Monday morning 3/20/17.  During the masses he gave a homily.  On Monday morning he started a three part series on the “Our Father prayer” using just the phrases “Our Father” and “who art in heaven”.  He will continue that at 9AM masses today and tomorrow.  The mission concludes Wednesday.

The evening sessions tonight and tomorrow are from 6:30 PM to 8:30 PM.  The theme for tonight (Tuesday) is “Practical Teachings on the Contemplative Experience” and Wednesday is the “The Fruits of Contemplative Prayer”  Note that he uses contemplative prayer and Centering Prayer interchangeably.

An interesting aside is that they have three groups that meet at Santa Maria del Mar.  One is put on Sunday from 2-4 by Fr Albert Esposito from 2-4, one put on at 10 AM on Tuesday’s by the members, and one put on at 1 PM Tuesdays by Pam Gregg, Susan McBride and others.  Centering Prayer is flourishing at Santa Maria del Mar!

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