Post intensive opportunity for those who have made an Intensive Retreat:


Dear Friends in the great journey,

 Father Gilbert Walker and I would like to extend an invitation to you and your communities to pray  about joining us for an 8 day Post-Intensive retreat that we will be hosting in Amarillo, Texas in 2017.

 For over two decades the Post-Intensive retreats in Amarillo were a tradition, a place of deepening and transformation for many of us. As the original era of these retreats came to a close, we left behind a river of our cumulative prayer and intention ready for the next generation to step into and launch into the deep. After letting this potential rest a while on the altar of prayer, Father Thomas felt moved to nudge us to explore and see if there is energy for a new Amarillo chapter.

 In response to his and the Holy Spirit’s prompting, for the last two years in March we have renewed our presence at the De Falco Retreat Center. We find it still a wonderful space to offer sanctuary, soul hospitalityand a continuing crucible for transformation. Now, we invite you to listen and discern if you may be called to gather with us next March 15–22, 2017. I am enclosing the information.

Trusting you are enjoying the many ways in which each of us is participating in the creativity of God, and embodying Spirit.

Your fellow traveler.

Maru Ladrón de Guevara


Retreat Center Information

Amarillo Flyer-2017 FINAL