A complete listing of Contemplative Prayer Resource Materials are available for purchase through Contemplative Outreach, Ltd’s online bookstore.

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Here, you can download and print the basic Method of Centering PrayerGuidelinesCover


Open Mind, Open Heart
by Fr. Thomas Keating, OCSO

This book is a must-have for all practicing contemplatives and a beginner’s resource for those just embarking on a serious Ch
ristian spiritual journey.

You are encouraged to attend an Introductory Workshop on Centering Prayer in your area to receive qualified instruction and support for this prayer practice. Joining a Centering Prayer group  is also recommended as ongoing support in maintaining your faithfulness to your Centering Prayer practice.


CloudCoverThe Cloud of Unknowing
Fr. William Meninger writes and speaks passionately about a very early guide to contemplative prayer.

Fr. William Meninger, OCSO


In Central Florida, there are very active Spanish-speaking Centering Prayer groups.  For more information  go to the website for Extension Contemplativa Internacional: www.extensioncontemplativainternacional.org