We welcome the new prayer group in Palm Coast.  The new group is meeting in a home, so you will need to call for directions.

Palm Coast, Fl –  Wednesday —  6:30 pm — 8:00pm, call for directions. Contact: Mignon Williams, Mignongwilliams@aol.com, 703-727-2612, Michelle Bruney, Michndogs@aol.com, 386-264-0077

The other Flagler/Palm Coast area  prayer groups are listed below.

Flagler Beach, FL, Tuesday – 10:00am, Santa Maria del Mar Church, Contact: Pam Gregg, cpflagler@gmail.com, 386-445-9637

Flagler Beach, FL, Tuesday – 1:00pm, Santa Maria del Mar Church, Contact: Sue McBride, gottawrite@earthlink.net, 386-956-9012

To find another COCFL prayer group, go to the prayer group page  http://cocfl.org/?page_id=36